Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing, is a 16-hour class based on the current ASME Y14.5M-1994 standard. The participants will be working in teams, concepts are presented and then exercises on those concepts are worked and discussed within the teams. A pre-test on the current standard, is given to understand the level of knowledge of the class and it also gives the individuals a better understanding of their level of knowledge in this area. A post-test will also be given as a take home open book examination. This test will measure the level of knowledge after the completion of the course. Certificates are issued to those that obtain a minimum score of 75%.

All material is presented live, videotapes are not used. Class is structured in teams, with a heavy emphasis’s on class participation and communication skills. Class size can be up to 24, with each participant receiving a workbook and pocket guide. It is highly recommend the class include individuals for the areas of engineering, manufacturing, quality, and your supplier base. Everyone has concerns and issues and by having the different area participate in the workshop at the same time, helps in the learning and understanding process.

The following are some of the areas covered in the course:

· Coordinate Vs Geometric system
· General rules · Definitions & terms
· Virtual condition concept
· Basic dimensions
· Datum reference frame
· Material modifiers
· Feature control frame structure
· Concept of additional (bonus) tolerance
· Form & orientation controls
· Profile controls
· Runout controls
· Positional controls
· Zero position
· Tolerance zone shapes
· Fixed fastener formula
· Floating fastener formula
· Projected tolerance zones
· Boundary
· Application of tolerances

Material maybe tailored to accommodate your needs. Your company drawings could also be used as part of the learning process if you like.

Some companies that have benefited from this training include, AlliedSignal, CDI Engineering Services, Global Vantage, Honeywell International, Intel, MTD SW, Medtronics, Parallel Design, PerkinElmer, Simula Automotive Safety Devices, and United Technologies Corp.

Pricing available upon request.